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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are FICA Documents?
  • Private individual are required to through proof of identity( ID or Passport), proof of residence(Utilities bill or lease agreement) which is less than 3 (THREE) months old.
  • Bidders from foreign countries must also produce this documentation];
  • Company - Buyers who bid on behalf of a company are required to send through certified copes of company registration documents( CM1 or CK1 or CM46 or CM9).
  • Certified proof of address for the company (utility bill or lease agreement).
  • The person who is registering to bid on the companies behalf must also have an affidavit from a director which states he is bidding for the company.
  • Proof of identification must also be produced for the nominated buyer.]
Q. What is the Time Extender?

Time Extension only happens if a bidder places a bid in the last 5 minutes before that lot is stipulated to close, the time extension to which the auction is set to will then take place , there will be a time reset to 10 minutes. The extension time should be used as a  very last chance and the MAXIMUM BID(use the auto-bid function - As auto bids are placed earlier they will take priority over normal bids if they are equal.) you are willing to pay, should be bid immediately. Please do not attempt to game the system as the bidding will be frantic in the last minutes of the auction. 

Q. What happens on Auction Closure?

The bidder should bear in mind if a bidder places a bid before the closing of the auction does not mean he won the bid, he/she can still be outbid if the bidder does not monitor the auction. Using the auto-bid function will allow the system to keep bidding (up and to the auto-bid max amount.). The bidder should note that an online auction is loaded and accessible until the closing date and time stipulated, bearing in mind the time extensions. for the lot and will be outbid if the bidder does not monitor the auction. Please note that due to load shedding broadband connectivity on your devices can drop. If your broadband connection drops in the last minutes of the auction your device will lose connection to the bidding platform.

End of Auction Statuses

Open for offers: no bids have been placed on a given lot and buyers can make offers to the seller to be considered.

Pending: Current Bid is below Reserve and must be negotiated.

Vendu: Sold and will be invoiced.

NB: Place bids timeously! Don’t wait for the last minute or seconds, in case of system delays or network connectivity issues?

Q. What is an Auto-Bid

Placing an auto-bid online via our platform is when our system will automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid(auto bid) using the pre-determined bidding increments. This can begin as soon as an auction is published & the sales begin. If a bidder is winning the lot and is later outbid, they will receive an email notification. If two bidders leave the same auto bid and that bid wins the lot, the bidder who left the bid first will be the winner. The earliest auto bid takes priority when it is equal to the normal bid or equal auto bid placed later.

Q. How To Register